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goGPS v0.1.1alpha

We decided to increase the release rate of MATLAB versions before going beta, thus a third version number was added: goGPS version 0.1.1alpha is available for download.

A summary of the main changes since v0.1alpha:

Improved clock error correction
Added PDOP, HDOP and VDOP computation
Added Kalman filter DOPs (from error covariance matrix of the estimated coordinates)
Implemented static positioning

u-blox interface:
Added RXM_SFRB decoding
Switched from RXM-EPH / RXM-SFRB to AID-EPH / AID-HUI
Forced 1Hz measurement rate when starting u-blox connection
Fixed u-blox acknowledge (ACK) check

Conversion toolset:
Added a tool to convert binary streams (RTCM and UBX) to goGPS binary data or RINEX
Added a tool to merge two separate goGPS binary observation datasets (rover and master)
Added a tool to convert RINEX files to goGPS binary data

Improved KML output
Added NMEA output ($GPGGA, $GPRMC, $GPGSV, $GPGSA)
Added customized NMEA sentence ($PGGPK) for Kalman filter DOPs
Changed output coordinate text file
Added output on PDF report

Added geoid to compute orthometric height
Added option to process without plotting (to increase speed)
Added option to choose ambiguity estimation approach
Added utility to update goGPS settings files
Speed optimizations

Note 1: goGPS binary observation data (*_obs_* and *_eph_*) format was modified, so old datasets should be converted to the new format by decoding again the rover and master streams with the apposite tool.

Note 2: GUI settings files have also been modified. If you need to keep your old settings with version 0.1.1alpha, please download this script, place it in the folder “goGPS_v0.1.1alpha\goGPS” and run it. It will remove unused parameters and add new ones.

Please report any bug you find or any problem you may have!