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goGPS v0.2.0beta

goGPS version 0.2.0 beta is available for download.

A summary of the main changes since v0.1.2alpha:

Added satellite velocity computation
Added integrated Doppler shifts computation
Added optional Doppler-based phase range prediction for detecting cycle slips
Modified the structure of Kalman filter functions (improved new satellites / cycle slip management)
Added the possibility to select the ambiguity re-initialization strategy
Added the possibility to survey and process data using a variable dynamic model
Added a multi-rover monitor (up to 4 receivers at the same time)

Receiver interface:
Added SkyTraq receiver support
Added Fastrax receiver support
Improved the automatic configuration of receivers (set raw data output at 1 Hz, disable output not needed by goGPS)

Added *_dyn_* file type to goGPS binary format (to keep track of the variable dynamic model)
Added approximate receiver position in rover RINEX output files
Added marker name in RINEX output files
Added survey mode specification to GGA sentences in NMEA output file

Improved the direction computation by stop-GO-stop method
Re-styled GUI main panel
Added checks on input values passed by the GUI
Added subfolders for organizing goGPS source code files
Speed optimizations

Note 1: goGPS binary observation data (*_obs_* and *_eph_*) format was modified, thus old datasets should be converted to the new format by decoding again the rover and master streams with the apposite tool.

Note 2: GUI settings files have been modified. If you need to keep your old settings with version 0.2.0beta, please run “update_settings_020beta” from the folder “goGPS_v0.2.0beta\goGPS” (with no arguments, the assumed folder for settings files is the default one “../data/settings”; if you need to update settings in a different folder, please provide its path as an argument).

Please report any bug you find or any problem you may have.
If you find goGPS to be useful feel free to post a quick comment in the mailing list!