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goGPS MATLAB 0.4.0beta

goGPS MATLAB version 0.4.0beta is available for download.

Main changes introduced since v0.3.1beta:

Added support for EGNOS corrections in stand-alone mode, using the EMS service. Requires an active Internet connection or to download EMS files beforehand.

Added integer ambiguity resolution by LAMBDA method; both LAMBDA v2 and v3 can be used (MATLAB code published by TU Delft and Curtin University). LAMBDA v2 code is included, while v3 code must be downloaded separately.

Added multi-constellation support (including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS) – still experimental; it may require a relatively high amount of free memory (RAM).

Added a variometric approach applied on stand-alone time-differenced phase observations as an alternative way to estimate the receiver velocity.

Added pre-processing functions that remove “jumps” due to clock resets in the observations and synchronize rover and master observations to the microsecond level.

Added RINEX v2.12 and v3.01 reading.
Added configuration (.ini) files to define the input paths and filenames.

Output variables are saved also in a .mat file automatically.

First steps done to make the code object-oriented.
Added raw data logging at rates other than 1 Hz.
Added waitbars during time-consuming processing tasks.
Improved speed of RINEX reading functions.

Note 1: goGPS binary observation data (*_obs_* and *_eph_*) format was modified, thus old datasets should be converted to the new format by decoding again the rover and master binary streams with the apposite tool.

Note 2: The GUI and GUI settings files have been heavily modified, so we cannot provide a conversion tool from the old settings format to the new one. Please transfer your old settings by hand if needed.

Please report any bug you find or any problem you may have.
If you find goGPS to be useful feel free to post a quick comment in the mailing list!