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goGPS Java v1.0.2

A new version of goGPS Java (1.0.2) has been released.

– Added a check on satellite health

– Added a method to write a text file output with the processing results (same format as goGPS MATLAB)

– Added the source code of a command line application (org.gogpsproject.apps.LogUBX) for logging UBX binary data from one ore more u-blox receivers connected to serial ports (the executable jar file will be published directly on this website in the coming weeks, together with some more details about how to use it)

– Changed the version of the RXTX library (from 2.1.7 to 2.2pre1). The library is no longer obtained from Maven, it is included directly in goGPS Java; this was done both because RXTX development seems to have stopped and because goGPS Java now uses a slightly modified version of RXTXcomm.jar, that scans also /dev/ttyACM* ports on Linux (useful for interfacing with u-blox receivers).