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goGPS MATLAB 0.4.2

goGPS MATLAB version 0.4.2 is available for download.

Main changes introduced since v0.4.1beta:

Added an outlier detection and removal method based on a Leave-One-Out (LOO) procedure (it’s applied to all Least-squares and Kalman filter solutions)

Added the use of antenna PCO/PCV to correct phase observations

Added support for NVS receivers (with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS observations; only GPS and GLONASS navigation data); This development was supported by the JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Issue No. 24700105)

Added support for reading receiver antenna phase center offset from ATX files

Added new functions that read RINEX files and synchronize observations among different receivers

Added batch processing (i.e. automated processing of multiple input RINEX files)

Automatic generation of daily RINEX files, following the standard RINEX file naming scheme, for both rover and master decoders

Added hourly file division for rover and master monitors. Increased the number of digits for counting the hours in the filename (from 2 to 3). Added a check to avoid overwriting existing files for rover and master monitors

Added output PDF with plots of the code and phase residuals of each satellite

Added output text files with reports about the positioning results (statistics, quality indexes, etc.)

Improved the computation time of the functions satellite_orbits.m and ecc_anomaly.m (about 30% improvement)

Added a utility to concatenate the hourly binary files produced by goGPS monitors into a single file

Various bug-fixes, among which:
– the frequencies selected for computing the BeiDou wavelengths were wrong
– using the TOW for synchronizing observations from RINEX files was not enough when processing several weeks of data; now a “UNIX time”-like parameter is used, thus such synchronization can be done
– some incompatibilities found when running goGPS under MATLAB 2014 were fixed

The following figure shows the evolution of the number of lines of code for the eleven officially published goGPS versions since 2009 to 2014.

Since this update includes several new features and the overall software is now a bit more robust, we have decided to drop the “beta” suffix.

Note 1: goGPS binary observation data (*_obs_* and *_eph_*) format was not modified, thus old datasets should still be compatible. It’s only needed to change the hour counter in the filename from 2 digits (e.g. “04”) to (e.g. “004”).

Please report any bug you find or any problem you may have.
If you find goGPS to be useful feel free to post a quick comment in the mailing list!