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Archive for 'General news'

goGPS used in wildlife tracking products

The Lotek/Sirtrack/Biotrack companies are using goGPS in their avian, marine and terrestrial lines of product. Processing raw data with goGPS has allowed them to increase by several times the number of GPS fixes taken using very small batteries.

goGPS MATLAB code base on GitHub

The whole goGPS MATLAB code base (i.e. trunk and all active branches) has been migrated to GitHub. Now both MATLAB and Java versions are on GitHub at:

goGPS MATLAB 0.4.2

goGPS MATLAB version 0.4.2 is available for download. Main changes introduced since v0.4.1beta: Core: Added an outlier detection and removal method based on a Leave-One-Out (LOO) procedure (it’s applied to all Least-squares and Kalman filter solutions) Added the use of antenna PCO/PCV to correct phase observations Input: Added support for NVS receivers (with GPS, GLONASS, […]

goGPS MATLAB 0.4.1beta

goGPS MATLAB version 0.4.1 beta is available for download. This is mainly a bug-fix release to improve compatibility with new MATLAB versions (starting from R2013). Changelog since v0.4.0beta: Core: Ionospheric delay inter-frequency factor is now properly computed and applied for all the multi-GNSS frequencies. Input: Antenna offset in the header of RINEX files is now […]

goGPS Java v1.0.2

A new version of goGPS Java (1.0.2) has been released. Changelist: – Added a check on satellite health – Added a method to write a text file output with the processing results (same format as goGPS MATLAB) – Added the source code of a command line application (org.gogpsproject.apps.LogUBX) for logging UBX binary data from one […]

New publication about goGPS

A new paper about goGPS, focusing the details of its (extended) Kalman filter implementation, was published on October 16th, 2013 on Measurement Science and Technology: It should be downloadable for free for the first 30 days since publication. A new page was added to list all the available publications about (or involving the use […]

goGPS MATLAB 0.4.0beta

goGPS MATLAB version 0.4.0beta is available for download. Main changes introduced since v0.3.1beta: Core: Added support for EGNOS corrections in stand-alone mode, using the EMS service. Requires an active Internet connection or to download EMS files beforehand. Added integer ambiguity resolution by LAMBDA method; both LAMBDA v2 and v3 can be used (MATLAB code published […]

goGPS MATLAB v0.3.1beta

goGPS MATLAB version 0.3.1 beta is available for download. Changelog since v0.3.0beta: Core: Fixed an error in the satellite orbit computation that was introduced with v0.3.0beta (the relativistic term was being applied after the orbit computation) Added observations reading and processing at rates other than 1 sec (post-processing only; ‘INTERVAL’ keyword in RINEX header is […]

goGPS MATLAB v0.3.0beta

goGPS MATLAB version 0.3.0 beta is available for download. A summary of the main changes since v0.2.0beta: Core: Re-structured the core functions for: improving the satellite orbits computation by iterative least squares adjustment together with receiver position and clock optimizing the code by removing duplicate function calls and unnecessary ‘for’ cycles (computation speed improved by […]

goGPS Java v1.0.1

A new version of goGPS Java (1.0.1) has been released to address a bug involving incomplete KML files in output.