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Archive for 'General news'

goGPS Java

The first official release of goGPS Java is available for download. Currently it is provided as a library implementing the core functions of goGPS MATLAB. It can work either in post-processing by reading observations from RINEX or UBX files or real-time by acquiring raw data from a u-blox receiver connected to a USB/serial port and […]

goGPS MATLAB download statistics

goGPS MATLAB is slowly increasing its number of downloads: We would love to get more feedback from users about what goGPS MATLAB is being used for! Feel free to drop some lines in the mailing list.

New examples

Two new examples were added to the Gallery page.

goGPS v0.2.0beta

goGPS version 0.2.0 beta is available for download. A summary of the main changes since v0.1.2alpha: Core: Added satellite velocity computation Added integrated Doppler shifts computation Added optional Doppler-based phase range prediction for detecting cycle slips Modified the structure of Kalman filter functions (improved new satellites / cycle slip management) Added the possibility to select […]

Video tutorials

Video tutorials page was added under Documentation, currently with two usage examples. More examples to come (hopefully!).

goGPS v0.1.2alpha

goGPS version 0.1.2alpha is available for download. A summary of the main changes since v0.1.1alpha: Core: Added code and phase stand-alone positioning Changed model error standard deviation values from X,Y,Z to E,N,U Added “stop-go-stop” method for direction estimation Tools: Added polyline simplification Output: KML files made compliant to OGC KML 2.2 Standard Miscellanea: Added utm2deg […]

Bug tracker added

A bug tracker was added to goGPS SourceForge page.

goGPS v0.1.1alpha

We decided to increase the release rate of MATLAB versions before going beta, thus a third version number was added: goGPS version 0.1.1alpha is available for download. A summary of the main changes since v0.1alpha: Core: Improved clock error correction Added PDOP, HDOP and VDOP computation Added Kalman filter DOPs (from error covariance matrix of […]

Gallery switched to OpenLayers

The Gallery page was switched from Google Maps API to the open source map display engine OpenLayers. Please report any problem you may find with it.

New forum and links

The Support page was updated by adding a link to the new forum. Comments made to posts like this are automatically synchronized in the forum by creating an apposite topic. In this way discussions that start as comments can be more efficiently continued in the forum. The forum can also have its own topics, not […]